This Miraculous Life

This Miraculous Life offers direct access to host Sara Oliveri’s two cents on liberating yourself from the bullshit, and tuning in with the miraculousness of life. Each episode Sara responds to real life problems with practical, some times science-based, and honest solutions for navigating life without losing touch with what it really is - a profound and awesome gift.

Sara has a Master's degree in Positive Psychology - the science of human thriving. And is currently named the "Best Life Coach in Washington DC" for the 2nd year in a row as selected by readers of the Washington City Paper.

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    Dreams vs. Destiny

    Most people imagine that they are the master of their own destiny. But what happens when life gets in the way and dreams become just that-- dreams? In this episode, Sara hears from a recently engaged “baker,” who happens to be an accountant. Feeling financially locked into his current profession and life trajectory, this aspiring baker wonders how normal people are actually able to pursue their dreams against a backdrop of other real world responsibilities. Sara proposes some coping strategies to help the baker have a more positive outlook on his current circumstances, as well as some exercises to help him work towards long-term fulfillment. This episode features special guest Jamal Robinson of Desiar Eyewear - local DC entrepreneur and true optimist!

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    Comfortably Miserable

    At one time or another, most of us have felt unsatisfied or bored with our professional lives. But what happens when you become paralyzed in your profession and neglect your social life? In this premiere episode, we hear from a “drowning office worker” who has become consumed by an unfulfilling work life but lacks the confidence to pursue other options. The writer has detested their job for some time but seems to be comfortably miserable, and is poisoned with envy and self-loathing for their inability to make the change they want but fear. After years of being an unwilling “yes-man” at work, the writer’s deteriorated social circle and leisure time offer little to no respite from the draining office job. In her response to “comfortably miserable” Sara unpacks questions like “How can I say no to my boss?” “How can I say yes to my friends more?” “How do I start putting myself first again?” The discussion also touches on strategies to manage the fear of change, and challenges those who feel paralyzed to move outside of their comfort bubble where new experiences await

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    Quarter Life Crisis

    In this episode Sara responds to a “befuddled and disgruntled milennial“ who believes they may be experiencing a quarter life crisis! This episode is for anyone who has ever felt frustrated or stuck in their life. Sara teaches listeners how to identify and liberate themselves from the “demons” that may be holding them back, and how to instead hone in on and orient toward their core values - in other words their own personal formula for thriving.

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    Basket Case Boyfriend

    People in committed relationships often help each other de-stress and share the burdens of their partner. However, if one or both parties bring too many external frustrations into the relationship, problems irrelevant to the relationship can cause serious problems. In this episode, Sara responds to a “Basket Case Boyfriend,” who feels powerless to help his girlfriend cope with work troubles, and increasingly annoyed that she seems to be taking her frustration out on him. The discussion explores when it’s helpful to help your partner shoulder their external stressors, and when it’s harmful. Sara also goes over communication strategies to keep extraneous issues from poisoning the relationship.