This Miraculous Life

This Miraculous Life offers direct access to host Sara Oliveri Olumba's two cents on liberating yourself from the bullshit, and tuning in with the miraculousness of life. Each episode Sara responds to real life problems with practical, some times science-based, and honest solutions for navigating life without losing touch with what it really is - a profound and awesome gift.

Sara has a Master's degree in Positive Psychology - the science of human thriving. And is currently named the "Best Life Coach in Washington DC" for the 2nd year in a row as selected by readers of the Washington City Paper.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Bullying: How to Deal and Heal

    How do you deal with a bully at school or work? How will you help your child who is facing a bully? How can you fully recover from a childhood experience of receiving or even initiating cruel behavior? In today’s episode a group at all life stages, including Sara’s nephews age 8 and 13, help respond to a teenager who is being badly bullied. Listen to learn how you can deal with a bully you can’t get rid of, how to extricate yourself from a toxic situation, and how to avoid becoming mean, bitter, or unhappy amidst poor treatment.

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    The Case for Celebrating Your Anxiety

    We spend a tremendous amount of time and resources trying to minimize and eliminate our anxiety - but is that even possible? What if living a life of bravery and growth naturally produces anxiousness? What then? While Sara believes in treating anxiety and examining its origins, she has also learned to celebrate and congratulate her own anxieties. Listen to find out why and how.

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    The Year of NO!

    Sure, saying YES is sexier and more “positive” than saying NO. But mastering the skill of saying no is absolutely essential to living our best life. If we are not capable of giving clear and timely “no’s” then we will end up drained, overextended, and resentful. In this episode you will learn not only the benefit of saying no, but also 3 fail-proof ways to make sure that you never regret saying yes again!

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    How to disentangle Weight from Worth

    Body weight is a focal point of our society to an extreme extent. So how can we continue to thrive when body weight is something that we are struggling with? In this episode Sara responds to a listener grappling with just that: “I am overweight, how to I keep from feeling worthless?” Joined by Andy Carton, who is a doctoral student in clinical psychology and has lost 103lbs himself, Sara unpacks this question. Tune in to learn their tips for how to thrive at any weight while still prioritizing health.

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    Just because you are sad doesn’t mean you’re NOT happy

    We all have negative thoughts and emotions - they are part of the human experience. This episode, Sara hears from someone who is dealing with a breakup and seeking release from rumination and negative emotions like regret and jealousy. Sara takes this opportunity to teach us a little known truth: that negative emotion is not the absence of positive emotion and that the two actually live on completely separate spectrums! This episode will change the way you perceive your most difficult thoughts and emotions and give you a framework for integrating them into a full, fulfilling life. It may even change the way you define happiness.

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    Grandma’s Secrets to a Well-lived Life

    What is the secret to a well-lived life? How about a long marriage? What privileges and challenges do we have today that we did not have 60 years ago? In today’s episode we hear from Lorraine Mullaney, Sara’s grandma. Because who better to give life advice than a woman who has been alive and happy with her life for over 95 years? To be honest, Grandma’s secret to a well-lived life brought me to tears.

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    How to Confidence: Science-based tips for tapping into your most confident self

    Have you ever felt like you lack confidence in your professional life? How about socially? In this episode, Sara hears from a listener who has experienced a major life event, the loss of her mother, and can’t seem to recover her spirit and confidence. Along with expert guest, Louisa Jewell, author of Wire Your Brian for Confidence, Sara discusses how to navigate emotional events like the loss of a loved one, and shares science-based confidence building tips that are relevant for all of us!

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    5 Things You Need to Know About Marriage

    Engaged? Married? Horrified to even consider your name near the word marriage? This episode has actionable advice for all of the above! The prolific life coach, Dr. LaVerne Adams, joins Sara to share her expertise in couples and pre-marital coaching as well as her own personal story of what she wishes she could have known prior to her young marriage! The final “must know” is life changing.

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    Networking Is Dead, Real Human Connection Is Alive & Well

    Does networking really work? How do you avoid wasting hours of your valuable and scarce free time? Is it possible to grow your network or are you better off just making the best of things with people you already call friends? Ashtan Moore, co-founder of digital marketing agency Model B (and “master connector” in Sara’s opinion), joins Sara to discuss the How of effective networking. Ashtan shares not only his 3 keys to successful networking - but also his innermost secret networking weapon!

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    Part 2: How To Get a Career You Actually Like

    Rob Montz, founder of Good Kid Productions and local DC documentarian joins Sara on this episode as she continues to de-mystify the question of how one finds a career that they actually care about. Rob adds practical tips to the discussion and Sara describes how to harness the supportiveness of the universe. Founder of Full Service Radio, Jack Inslee, even chimes in with his experience of pursuing a passion career - both the delightful and the difficult sides. Listen to find out what might be possible for YOU. And to consider what you are willing to invest in pursuing a “dream” career.

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    How to Get a Career You Actually Like

    Do you ever wonder how in the world you are supposed to figure out a job that you will actually enjoy while still managing to pay all of your bills? Or maybe you feel pressure to pursue a certain type of job because it is what society deems as “professional.” Today Sara delves into how to eliminate distractions from the career conversation in order to truly discover what is possible for your life. Ultimately, she explains how to start down a path of passion rather than settling in for a lifetime of drudgery.

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    The How and Why of Interracial Relationships

    Psychotherapist and expert in interracial relationships, Huma Sikandar, joins Sara once again to help fill in the gaps of WHY interracial relationships are different and HOW to navigate those unique challenges. During this show Huma shares tips that apply not just to romantic relationships, but also to your interracial friendships. This episode will challenge you to delve deeper into your own racial identity and awareness, as well as challenge you to hold space for the emotions of your loved one even when you yourself are hurting.

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    How to Overcome Chronic Burnout and Reconnect with Self Worth

    Sara breaks down the root cause of chronic burnout and how to tame the beliefs and behavior patterns that drive it. Sara discusses her own battle with “contingent self worth” and then presents her original formula for finding freedom from the nagging need to be constantly doing, proving, or achieving. Surprisingly, Sara explains why we should all be more willing to feel inferior.

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    How to Navigate Interracial Relationships in Trump Era

    How do we stay connected when our families are at odds? Are most people in America actually racist? How do we prevent people of color from having to carry the burden of discussing and standing up for racial justice? Together with interracial relationship expert, Huma Sikander, Sara responds to a listener who has reached out for advice about how to navigate a strained interracial relationship post-trump. Learn the two most important keys to successfully navigating an interracial relationship.

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    Overcome Millenial Burnout

    Sara takes up Anne Helen Peterson’s insight-breaking Buzzfeed article on Milennial Burnout. Building on the article Sara shares what Millennial Burnout is and how it came to be. Then, Sara begins to step toward what the brilliant Buzzfeed article could not quite uncover - how to OVERCOME and free ourselves of this never-ending burnout cycle! Liberation awaits.

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    How To Set a One Word New Year’s Resolution

    Sara shares how to get SO clear on your intention and resolutions for the coming year that you can distill it down into just one word. She also shares why and how taking this approach to resolutions is helpful. Can you accept her challenge to hone in on your one word?

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    What to do When Your Partner is Not Out of the Closet

    This week’s episode begins with a question about how to create “love” and “space” with a partner who is not “out of the closet.” Together with two amazing guests: Louis Alloro, Positive Psychology doctoral student, and Melissa Sampson, critical care nurse, Sara provides tips and research to help the writer tap into love even amidst pain. Both Louis and Melissa share their own deeply personsl experiences as members of the LGTBQ community as well as their loving advice.

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    How to Set Boundaries at the Holidays

    The holidays are expected to be a blissful, joy-filled, time of perfect baking, perfect decor, and perfect family/friend memories. But, in truth, it rarely works that way. This week Sara responds to questions about how to manage this division between the expectation vs. the reality of the holiday – including the essential step of learning how to set boundaries! Tune in to learn how to embrace the imperfection of the holidays, and plan accordingly!

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    What to do about an abusive relationship

    Have you ever had a friend in trouble, but not know how to help them? In today’s episode, Sara hears from someone who is concerned that a friend is going to get married to an abusive partner. Looking from the outside-in, it may be obvious how bad or dangerous a relationship has become. However, those involved may not be able to separate passion from poison. In this episode Sara invites Michell Stanley, holistic psychotherapist and licensed social worker to help understand how we can be there for our friends in an extremely difficult situation while still not abandoning ourselves - and how to separate helpfulness from judgement. Finally we will learn what is actually helpful - and what just makes us as the outsider looking in - feel better.

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    How to Let Go of Looks

    Have you ever felt your insecurities run away from you? Or feel that your flaws were outside of your control? In this week’s episode, our writer, ​Ugly Duckling,​ expresses frustration that their appearance is affecting their life, especially professionally. The writer wonders how to make peace with the fact that they may receive fewer opportunities or different treatment due to not being traditionally attractive. In response, Sara discusses ways to build confidence, take initiative, and methods for confronting and coping with unfair treatment. Finally Sara reveals how to liberate yourself from concerns about your looks, once and for all.

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    The Why of Relationships

    Have you ever looked around only to notice all of your friends are either married and talking about kids, or single and talking about getting married? You try to connect and understand them but something tells you that cookie cutter “find a mate, get married, have kids, live happily ever after" life just isn‘t for you. So... if that‘s not for you, then what is? Do you even want a long term relationship? If not about that picture perfect life then what are relationships about? Sara breaks down how to figure out these big life questions - especially when you sense that your answer is different from everyone around you! And ultimately reveals her take on the real WHY behind saying Y or N to a romantic commitment.

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    Dating and Compatibility

    Have you met someone attractive and charming, but still struggle to determine whether or not they are a compatible partner for you? Aren’t you supposed to​ just know​ when you’ve got a good catch? Not necessarily. When first meeting a potential partner, people may experience a range of emotions: excitement, nerves, lust, etc. Amongst these feelings, how can you really decide if someone is right for you? In today’s episode, Sara hears from a woman who has recently been on a first date, but is unsure of the criteria she should use to decide whether or not to continue on to second or third dates.

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    Social Media Sick

    "Have you ever felt like social media is sucking away your happiness? Sometimes it’s your best friend and makes a bad day brighter? But other times it’s your worst enemy and diminishes the joy in what would have otherwise been a great day!?

    In today’s episode Sara responds to a listener who is trying to navigate the comparison trap that social media brings along with it! A trap that we have all fallen into at some point in this social media era. Sara discusses, in this era, how do we protect our happiness? How do we stop comparing ourselves? And if/ how we can use social media in a way that is conducive to a happy life!"

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    Alone and Lonely

    Have you ever felt lonely? In a society that equates time with money, disdains idleness, and prizes social connections, for many, the simple state of being alone without other people around can be a foreign feeling. But does alone have to mean lonely? Today Sara hears from a career-focused individual who has a strong friend group and an array of social activities to look forward to, but has become aware of their lack of a romantic partner and feels increasingly lonely. In responding, Sara helps the writer explore how they can open themselves up to all the opportunities that may lay before them. The discussion also touches on the importance of not attempting to achieve self-fulfillment with external substitutes.

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    Sleeping Around

    Pursuing sexual connection is a natural and exhilarating human inclination. However, humans are not only sexual creatures but emotional as well. Can sexual connection be conflated with emotional fulfillment? Does one impact the other? In this episode, Sara responds to a young woman who wants to enjoy her sexuality, but fears that having too many sexual partners may be damaging her emotional well-being. Sara helps the writer sort through some complex questions on balancing a healthy sex life with emotional stability. This episode features special guest Kate Warren, renowned DC photographer and the host of sex podcast: Insert Here!

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    Dreams vs. Destiny

    Most people imagine that they are the master of their own destiny. But what happens when life gets in the way and dreams become just that-- dreams? In this episode, Sara hears from a recently engaged “baker,” who happens to be an accountant. Feeling financially locked into his current profession and life trajectory, this aspiring baker wonders how normal people are actually able to pursue their dreams against a backdrop of other real world responsibilities. Sara proposes some coping strategies to help the baker have a more positive outlook on his current circumstances, as well as some exercises to help him work towards long-term fulfillment. This episode features special guest Jamal Robinson of Desiar Eyewear - local DC entrepreneur and true optimist!

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    Comfortably Miserable

    At one time or another, most of us have felt unsatisfied or bored with our professional lives. But what happens when you become paralyzed in your profession and neglect your social life? In this premiere episode, we hear from a “drowning office worker” who has become consumed by an unfulfilling work life but lacks the confidence to pursue other options. The writer has detested their job for some time but seems to be comfortably miserable, and is poisoned with envy and self-loathing for their inability to make the change they want but fear. After years of being an unwilling “yes-man” at work, the writer’s deteriorated social circle and leisure time offer little to no respite from the draining office job. In her response to “comfortably miserable” Sara unpacks questions like “How can I say no to my boss?” “How can I say yes to my friends more?” “How do I start putting myself first again?” The discussion also touches on strategies to manage the fear of change, and challenges those who feel paralyzed to move outside of their comfort bubble where new experiences await

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    Quarter Life Crisis

    In this episode Sara responds to a “befuddled and disgruntled milennial“ who believes they may be experiencing a quarter life crisis! This episode is for anyone who has ever felt frustrated or stuck in their life. Sara teaches listeners how to identify and liberate themselves from the “demons” that may be holding them back, and how to instead hone in on and orient toward their core values - in other words their own personal formula for thriving.

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    Basket Case Boyfriend

    People in committed relationships often help each other de-stress and share the burdens of their partner. However, if one or both parties bring too many external frustrations into the relationship, problems irrelevant to the relationship can cause serious problems. In this episode, Sara responds to a “Basket Case Boyfriend,” who feels powerless to help his girlfriend cope with work troubles, and increasingly annoyed that she seems to be taking her frustration out on him. The discussion explores when it’s helpful to help your partner shoulder their external stressors, and when it’s harmful. Sara also goes over communication strategies to keep extraneous issues from poisoning the relationship.

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